How to talk to Your Kids about Drug Addiction

Mother and teen daughter after quarrel on sofa at home.

According to studies, the twelfth graders who are using alcohol shoots up to fifty eight percent and the percentage of students who use marijuana has almost reached thirty five. These studies, surveys and statistics are very disheartening to hear. Every kid has a curiosity about drugs while growing up. It is always better to address about drugs, their usage and the ill effects that drug addiction bring about to people and their family. This information must either be provided to them through school or it is always better for them to hear it from their parents.

Only when they don’t know the information about a thing, they get curious about it and seek out to try it out on an adventure. They start using drugs to know the answer for the questions that pop up in their mind about its usage. This is how most of the kids begin to use drugs. It is a sheer adventure at that age for which they seize to know the consequences. As parents, it is our prime duty to educate them about the usage of drugs and the addiction that it may lead to.

Students tend to use drug because of peer pressure. In fact, peer pressure is seen as one of the major reasons for the kids to have tried drugs. You can keep an eye on who your kid hangs out with. The students who are informed well about drugs don’t get addicted to marijuana or alcohol in high school. When you start talking about this topic, keep it simple and don’t advise too much to the point that they would not listen to your talks. Maintain a cool tone and talk casually with the kids.

Kids of any age will need awareness about drug addiction. Take a cue from the movies that you saw with your kids which portrayed a character who was addicted to cigarette or alcohol. Find out what their mind set is before you start to lecture them. Talk in a friendly tone and don’t get too serious about the topic. Today’s kids are smart enough to know why we are talking about drug addiction help. Let them ask the questions that they want to know answers to. Don’t be too strict about them questioning. It is always better for them to know the answer from you, than from anyone else.

“The best way to raise positive children in this negative world is to have positive parents who love them unconditionally and serve as excellent role models. “

Make sure that you are that positive parent whom the kid is comfortable to share things with. Being your kids role model is an achievement for every parent. You can be your kid’s role model when you become that ideal parent who not only teaches their kid to follow the right track, but travel the right track along with them.


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