How to Find the Best Prescription Drug Rehabilitation Program

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The best thing you can do to yourself or an addicted loved one is getting the best the best prescription drug rehabilitation program for them. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), for the 22.7 million people who struggled with substance abuse issues in 2013, drug rehab can quite literally save their lives. Despite the widespread availability of such treatment across United States, SAMHSA reports just 2.5 million of those people sought for help. Quite insane, isn’t it?

However, you should not only get a rehabilitation program but the best rehabilitation program. The best prescription drug rehabilitation programs, equipped to handle the full spectrum of potential substance abuse problems, will address:

  1. Emotional distress
  2. Co-occurring mental health issues
  3. Environmental and/or community concerns
  4. Specific drugs of abuse
  5. Withdrawal symptoms
  6. Psychological distress
  7. Lifestyle issues
  • Mental illness

The best rehabilitation programs will always begin with a thorough intake interview that screens patients for traces of substance abuse and mental health disorders. According to the Helpguide, 53% 0f people who abuse drugs and 37% of who abuse alcohol are also suffering from mental health disorders. It is therefore important that rehab professionals be aware of co-occurring disorders so that all issues can be treated simultaneously.

Despite its prevalence, many rehab centers do not offer rehab rehabilitation services for mental illness. As per SAMHSA, only 5, 312 rehab centers treat both conditions in the United States. To be able to treat mental illness on top of substance abuse requires the facility to have quality therapists, as well as licensed physicians to prescribe medication.

Although many facilities claim to treat mental illness, they cannot do so effectively if they cannot prescribe these medications. For that reason, it is important to verify what kind of staff is at the treatment center.

  • Specific substances

Before you enter into any rehabilitation facility, it is prudent to ensure that it has experience treating the specific type of addiction in question. Having specific experience ensures the treatment team is familiar with the issues that come up in detox from this particular substance and the related issues to address in therapy.

Still, many people who abuse drugs are abusing more than one substance. Alcohol is a common factor in cases of poly-drug abuse. In 2012, SAMHSA reported that 18% of all people over the age of 11 who were admitted for treatment cited alcohol as their primary substance of abuse in addiction to secondary drugs.

It is important to note that the detox process varies among different substances of abuse. A rehab facility that promotes a one-size-fits-all plan isn’t the right choice. Instead, you should look for a facility with specific knowledge and expertise that can customize treatment to your specific needs.

  • Comprehensive therapy

The biggest mistake drugs addicts do is going for detox then fail to follow up the other treatments. Addiction does not occur because of substance abuse only. There are psychological factors that influence the development of addiction in every patient. Comprehensive therapy ensures underlying issues are addressed so the person is ready to return to life with a strong foundation in recovery.

Finding the best prescription drug rehabilitation program is not an easy task but it’s worth it. Good luck as you embark on your mission to get one.

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