Drug Profile – Vicodin

1 Vicodin is associate degree analgesic drug that contains a mixture of Panadol and hydrocodone. Vicodin may be a kind of combination medication that’s wont to relieve moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone is associate degree opioid that works with the brain and alters the mood and response to pain once a private consumes the drug. Hydrocodone contains extremely addictive properties. Panadol may be a pain reliever that is a smaller amount potent however enhanced the consequences of hydrocodone once used with it.

Statistics reveal that almost 2 million people across the us suffer from addiction of vicodin. The drug is abused wide as a result of vicodin remains one among the foremost cheap opiates that is obtainable below the insurance cowl, significantly, in its generic kind referred to as hydrocodone. this can be the most reason for such a large vary of individuals abusing the drug. sadly, most of them do not acknowledge the seriousness of their addiction till the stage wherever they’re needed to hunt medical facilitate or rehabs.

2 In 2004, over forty 2 thousand people across the us complete up within the emergency rooms across the country because of hydrocodone connected problems alone. a pair of in line with a report by the National rhetorical Laboratory system, hydrocodone accounted for regarding thirty eight thousand things of proof in drug cases requiring analysis to the nation’s rhetorical labs, creating it the foremost ofttimes submitted opioid for testing. These reports state the urgency of noticing the consequences that the drug brings regarding and the way it constitutes majorly in being abused.

2 In 2002, habit Warning Network’s Mortality knowledge Report declared that, in eighteen cities and metropolitan regions across the country, vicodin remained within the prime ten most typically cited illicit substances concerned in drug connected fatalities. a pair of within the seventeen years between 1994 to 2001, the patients visiting emergency departments for narcotic analgesic abuse, addiction and dose enhanced by over hundred fifteen % across the state. The drug concerned was largely vicodin connected maladies.

3 it’s calculable that over 9ty nine kilograms of hydrocodone are made in 2014 alone. This amounts to over 198,000 pounds of pure hydrocodone. A dreadful truth reveals that Americans alone consume 9ty nine % of the world’s hydrocodone. three In 2010 alone, over hundred forty million prescriptions were written intent on the patients. In fact, hydrocodone pills ar the foremost signed painkillers in America.

3 before 1990, sure mixtures of hydrocodone and over-the-counter analgesics were classified as Schedule V drug. this suggests that they were on the market off the counter in drug stores and failed to need any prescription in many nations. three As of August twenty second, 2014, all hydrocodone product, embrace vicodin, were off from Schedule III to Schedule II that indicates the shift in drug policies. This result in a lot of strict rules regarding the dispensing and circulation of the drug. Prescriptions were created necessary once the standing of the drug modified to Schedule II.

3 Hydrocodone is sixfold stronger than anodyne. in line with the yankee Association of Poison management Centers, in 2009 alone, there have been over twenty seven thousand hydrocodone exposures. In 2006, hydrocodone sent over fifty seven thousand individuals to the hospital room. 3 In 2010, this variety big to regarding hundred and fifteen thousand victims. the main drug that was concerned in these cases was vicodin.

What will vicodin do to your body?

Being associate degree opioid, vicodin majorly affects the central systema nervosum, majorly, the brain and therefore the neural structure. It made soothing effects to cough and produces a sense of metallic element. This causes the person below vicodin drug to feel calm and relaxed. however it’s variety of aspect effects once an individual starts to consume the drug on a daily basis or starts to abuse it. four The aspect effects could embrace slow respiration, nausea, constipation, dizziness, profound sleepiness, loss of consciousness etc. It typically makes the individual below influence a lot of confused that his judgments could become impaired till the result of the drug wanes off.

Vicodin is of a bigger risk once the drug is mixed with alcohol and consumed. The combined result depresses the central systema nervosum and should result in several adverse symptoms. dose of the drug could result in extreme conditions and typically it should even result in death of the individual.

When vicodin is consumed at higher rates over a extended amount of your time the center rates varies from traditional as there’s a risk of lack of gas delivery to the brain and alternative very important organs. There ar plenty of semipermanent effects caused by abuse of vicodin like anxiety and poor stress management, mood changes, irritability, agitation, enhanced perception of pain etc. it should additionally result in a some issues with the memory thought.

Is vicodin onerous to quit?

Once the person is obsessed with the drug, it needs plenty of your time to induce out of the addiction web. It takes a toll on the health of the individual too. Withdrawal symptoms build the method even a lot of tedious. however of these ar well worth the higher journey towards life that {we will|we’ll|we ar going to} be leading once we tend to are out of the entice of addiction. There ar plenty of sources to induce facilitate from however the primary stage of obtaining facilitate starts from yourself.

“Good things come back to those that believe, higher things come back to those that ar patient and therefore the best things come back to those that do not offer up! ”

Trust in yourself will do wonders. There is also 100 issues that urge you to offer up however hold tight a more robust factor, a more robust tomorrow and fight through the recovery part sort of a fierce soul. wait and settle for the support from your family.

“Every new day may be a probability to vary your life.”

Wake up with a more robust thought in mind and have a smile to face everything that come back your manner. Face the challenges and win the battle !


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